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NEWS and some 
coming local events
The back garden has been fenced but please note that keen jumpers and diggers, particularly of the canine variety, will need to be supervised still.
Wi-Fi now available! However, please note that there is no computer - you will need to bring your own laptop.
The Scots Pine at Roman How: sadly our iconic tree found the storms in the winter of 2011/12 just too much and had to be felled.  Since then, all our remaining magnificent old trees have gone, killed by summer drought.  We were very sad to  lose them but at least there is now a panoramic view of the Lakeland fells from the house, from Coniston Old Man right round to the Langdales, High Street and Orrest Head,  Our gardeners have made a new shrub bed where two of the trees stood and in due course we hope to plant one or two new trees.
DEER SIGHTINGS !  It seems the local deer population is becoming bolder; deer always have visited the garden at Roman How from time to time but they are being spotted more frequently now. One was caught peering in the lounge window one evening !
March 2016 saw the official opening of the LAKES AND DALES cycle route; this is a 196 mile cycle route which can be enjoyed in sections too.  See www.lakesdalesloop.co.uk for more information.
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